Yoga is not necessarily what, but rather how we do something…

Be your own Guru” – Our aim is to encourage you to live your truth, and to reveal your own philosophy - that’s Yoga for us.

Yoga has an immeasurable ability to create expression and manifest itself in many different forms. A long time ago, people began to move their physical bodies in specific ways. They experimented, listened to their bodies, their intuition and shared their thoughts and feelings with others. Today, if we are afraid to do the same, then we stand the risk of losing the spirit of yoga, losing what it means to breathe, to be alive, and to embrace constant change. 

There is not only one story, or one Yoga philosophy.

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Hatha Yoga

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In the western yoga world, we tend to focus on two of the many limbs of yoga, and teach those almost exclusively in classes: 


  • Asana, the physical exercises
  • Pranayama, the breathing techniques

The Eight Limb Path of Patanjali

In general the Hatha yoga tradition was understood as a philosophical system that consisted of eight limbs:   

  • Yama - social ethical guidelines
  • Niyama - individual ethical guidelines
  • Asana - system of physical exercises
  • Pranayama - system of breathing techniques
  • Pratyahara -  turning your perceptions inwards, sitting still in your own presence and consciousness
  • Dharana - focusing the mind, concentrating
  • Dhyana - finding a deep perception of your own consciousness
  • Samadhi - bliss, unlimited consciousness


How we understand The Eight Limb Path of Patanjali

In our opinion, these 8 limbs do not need to be followed in succession, no element rises above the rest in hierarchy. Each limb is a part of our reality which we encounter in our day to day life and within ourselves.

The Eight Limbs are not a list of do’s and don’t’s. Through the various situations that occur in life we are exposed to an abundance of choices and experiences.

The Eight Limbs are a reminder of how to move through life in a conscious way that allows us to use our energy positively in relation towards other people and ourselves.