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When we become aware of our connection to ourselves, other living beings and the earth, we see our own individuality  woven into the fabric of life. With this perspective we gain more awareness and sensitivity for all threads in the net of our reality. We find incredible depth, potential and strength in dealing with our whole being and in relation with others. Embracing this union makes many things possible.


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The Hatha Yoga classes I teach aim to allow my students to become more in touch with themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually, releasing tension and allowing the flows inherent in the body and mind to guide them towards greater personal ease and contentment.  


Dodo's way...

My teaching incorporates yoga poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) in exciting and flowing sequences (Vinyasa Flow). My yoga classes are dynamic, placing emphasis on  natural breathing which brings the focal point back to your own body and the connection to self.

Hatha Vinyasa Flow can create an atmosphere of transformation.

Precise and anatomically advantageous orientation of body in the poses, integrating mind and breathe and balancing strength and mobility are the fundamental elements of my yoga classes and their interplay promises a safe and fun yoga practice:

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Flow is an opportunity to observe the mental attitude. During practice we can create union of concentration, power and trust. Through this body and mind are stimulated equally and therefore speak their own beautiful language.

I love creating opportunities for a mental and physical challenge, humorous twists, quiet moments and mantra singing,  all of which which represent the multifaceted way of how we experience activation and relaxation in our systems.

My emphasis on fusion of postures, breathing and playful experimentation with our whole  being brings more awareness into the holistic body perception.

yoga Switzerland, Yoga Luzern, Yoga Sursee, upward facing dog yoga pose, english yoga in switzerland, ardha mukha svanasana

Bryan's way...

In my classes I aim to release the mental tension around the ‘need to perform’ in a Hatha Yoga class. I achieve this by guiding my students through a vinyasa flow much more suited to the modern western body, while still using traditional sequences.

My belief is that many Hatha Yoga classes in the western world unknowingly create tension in the body and mind, as opposed to releasing it. Forcing the breath and body into positions that create unnecessary tension often have the result of blocking energetic flow, rather than freeing it.

Free flow of mental, spiritual and physical energy is in my opinion the purpose of all types of yoga…

I provide options to challenge all levels of students, irrespective of their level of experience and thereby maintain group interest and participation in the class.

It is my belief that this makes yoga accessible to all types of students whilst still challenging them mentally, spiritually and physically.

The goal of this practice is to allow everyone to reach new levels of self-confidence, performance, energetic flow and therefore, health, through the practice of Yoga.


yoga Switzerland, Yoga Luzern, Yoga Sursee, Natarajasana yoga pose, dancer yoga pose,  english yoga in switzerland

My training...

2016         Ayurveda and Yoga

                  with Madhuri Philips, Switzerland

2014/15   Training and certification as a yoga teacher

                  with Yoga Cat Kabira & Energetic Work , Bali

                  Anatomy and Yoga with Chris Kummer, Bali

                  Kids yoga and Mantra with Lindsey Wise, Bali

                  Kirtan with Edo & Joe, Bali

                  Philosophy and the History of Yoga

                  with Emil Wendel, Bali

                  Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy with Cat Kabira

                  and Kari Jacobsen, Bali

2014         Chakra and Yoga Workshop with Nina Manusa,                                   Switzerland

2011         Bachelor of Arts for  Pre- and Primary                                                   School, Switzerland

My training...

2015-16        YogaSynergy – Yoga Fundamentals and Applied                                  Anatomy, Simon Borg-Olivier & Biancha Machliss

2014-2015    Primary Teacher Trainer at Shades of Yoga RYS,                                  Bali

2012-2013    Assistant Yoga Teacher Trainer at Shades of Yoga                              RYS, Bali

2013              Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate, American Institute                        of Hypnotherapy, Chris Howard, Bali

2012              Raw Food and Nutrition Culinary Certificate, Amy                                Rachelle, Bali

2011              Level 2 RYT 300 hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga                              Teacher Training, Shades of Yoga, South Africa

2010              Level 1 RYT 200 hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga                              Teacher Training, Shades of Yoga, South Africa


Yoga, a journey to yourself...

We are happy to join you on your Yoga journey, and look forward to you contacting us!


We are often asked why we are called Oceanbliss Yoga. In a nutshell it is becasue we see in each person an ocean full of depth and possibilities, a sea of lights with no borders...


Every human being is an ocean of contrasting energies and complementary movements. The breadth and depth of this ocean is a beautiful analogy to the wisdom which rests within us. Getting to know our own inherent tides is a choice. These encounters with ourselves may be stormy, or as quiet as a windless night at sea, always revealing an individual touch and new qualities.    


The moment in which everything falls into place. An intuitive decision which feels right. The undeniable chemistry between two people. We feel supported in our pain, and the tears that follow are a simple tonic. Inside, something breaks and the body shakes with laughter. A moment of silence in nature. That’s the magic of everyday life.   


Imagine that you commandeer a ship. You choose the route, set sail and move into the ocean. Yoga is a ship, a vehicle to yourself. Yoga philosophy is like the harbour and in this port there is a place for a variety of different ships. Figure out which ship you want to journey on and set sail.